Macau is referred to as the Vegas of the orient and many people visit this city due to its various casinos and other attractions every year. One of these attractions is the Dom Pedro V Theatre Macau, which is a western-style theater in China and it acts as an important cultural landmark in the area. It is a main venue where important celebrations and public events take place today. The local Portuguese build the theater in 1860 for the commemoration of their reigning king who was known as king, Peter V. In the year 2005, Dom Pedro V Theatre Macau was categorized among the sites designated for the historical centre in Macau and is enlisted as a world heritage site by UNESCO.

The Dom Pedro V Theatre Macau is designed in a neo-classic design and its rectilinear plan incorporates a portico front. The top part of the theatre’s facade is made of triangular pediment and it finds its support of four sets of iconic columns. It also has three archways, with each archway measuring three meters wide by six meters high and rise on pedestals. It rests on granite steps. There is ornamentation on the green stucco façade, which is relatively restrained and its arches have festoons above them. The flames, which are accentuated in white plaster, are surrounded by simple floral patterns. Similarly, the architrave and cornice mouldings are highlighted in white, which is a great contrast to the building.

Features available ballroom, snooker room and library in order to create the glitterati’s entertainment. Attachment of a public restaurant. Large entrance hall that has elegant chandelier and red velvet curtains.

The St. Augustine’s Square, which is cobble-stoned, is near the Dom Pedro V Theatre Macau. There is also a traditional Portuguese-styled street scape that is surrounded by some world heritage sites such as the St Augustine church, St Joseph’s Church and seminary and the Sir Robert Ho Tung Library.