A first encounter of Macau lifestyle, culture and attractions may be a life experience of its kind while narrations would only trigger and take one’s mind to the world of making dreams into a reality. It is only a visit to the scene that would cure all the excitement wounds that may have been caused in course of preparing to tour the place. Macau is a region located at the south east coast of China across the estuary of the might Pearl River provided by Macau Travel guide.

It is composed of a number of both artificial and Natural Island and sub regions such as Macau Peninsula, Colone, Cotai and Taipai. Being one of the special administrative towns of China, it is build to suit the standards of what one may call a modern town. All these among others constitute what one may consider as a reason to visit Macau.

Macau has a wide variety of tourism attraction features that draws large number of foreigners every year to the region. Best historical sites and feature include the statues, fortresses, designs of old building and fishing. The Sao Paulo Cathedral has a statue that crowns the beauty of the place. Macau has eye catching hilly landscape utilized by construction of unique building like the Chinese temple, Italian design building among others. Other attractions includes, beaches, bowling, Museums, the culture and tradition of the Chinese people, the wonders behind the reclaimed land and well designed and maintained gardens.

Macau travel testimonies would never overlook high class accommodation provided in the high class hotels and restaurants not forgetting excellent ushering and service of their best meals like beef jerky, Pork chop buns, Almond cookies, Portuguese chicken and African chicken. Furthermore, a person in search for higher education has a reason to visit Macau and join Macau University of Science and Technology to further his studies.

Macau Travel guide provides a step by step access means as well as the legal procedures to be observed and adhered to before touring the region. Macau has an international airport that handles both local and international flights making it possible for foreigner to have a convenient access to the Island. A person from the China mainland may also get to Macau using the ferry service from Kowloon terminal direct to Macau or through Hong Kong’s ferry service at Turbojet terminal. These are main transport means to the region although, one can also use a bus or come by foot just like some Macau and Hong Kong dwellers are used to.

Internal Macau travel is enabled mostly by the use of buses, scooters, taxis, express shuttles motor vehicles and cycle rickshaws.  Just like any other country, a foreigner traveling to Macau will have to acquire a visa card allowing him to move within the unrestricted territory of China and more specifically, Macau. The visa card for China may not necessarily allow one to enter Macau because to administrative reasons, therefore, a special Visa is required that caters for both cases.

Macau has fair Visa requirements in that natives of some countries are allowed to have free visa stays for some limited period of time though varies from country to country. A nice stay at Macau is assured by adherence to the regulations and the information provided in the Macau Travel Guide.