Southeast Asia has been blessed with one of the most beautiful shorelines and the same goes for the Barra Square in Macau. The mark of Portuguese architecture can be seen in this area which extends from the Praia grande to Praia do bom Parto. The remarkable European-style of building can easily be admired. But architecture is not the only thing that is worth praising about the place, the location of Barra Square right next to the shore makes it even more admirable.

Barra Square being one of the most beautiful attraction points entertains tourists with occasional performances like lion dance. Anyone can get totally relaxed after a glimpse of the sea which makes it a perfect picnic spot and people from many areas come here just to get relaxed and to be sound and in peace with their mind. Its beautiful scenery has already attracted many movie companies and scoop for more in the future as well.

Barra square’s beauty keeps on getting better with reclamation of more land and recent development of two artificial lakes. It is because of its ever growing beauty that the tourists totally get attracted to Barra Square. It is also covered by banyan trees along the shore giving it a schematic view.

Located half way up the barra hill is the A-Ma temple which is a must to watch sight while you are at the Barra Square. It is known for its exemplary gate pavilion, remarkable hall of guanayin and many more which makes this temple to be in perfect harmony with the natural environment. It is here that you can see inspiration of Chinese culture from Buddhism, Confucianism and many other multiple cultural beliefs.

Worth watching moments at Barra Square:The best place to visit at Barra Square would be A-Ma temple during the time of festival, it is during this time when most of the tourists get attracted and visit Barra is in this temple that one can find exemplary piece of Chinese culture.. The view of the shore from the sea during the night makes an unforgettable impression in a person’s mind.The beautiful architecture of the Portugal with the use of the wavy kind of tiles. The sight of their architecture itself is mind blowing and could take a person to a fantasy land of no return. While at Barra Square one could also attempt to visit Senado square which is the center of Macau it is between this square that many notable architectures are present some of them would are Sam Kai Vui Kun, Leal Senado Building, and Holy House of Mercy.

Another place one could visit near Barra would be St-Augustine’s-Square which has got many noble and religious places to visit like the St. Augustine’s Church, Sir Robert Ho Tung Library, St Joseph’s Seminary cum church, Dom-Pedro-V Theatre.

Similarly Ruins of ST. Paul’s is another apt place one can visit while on a tour in Barra Square which is the ruins of St. Paul’s College and a church of master Dei but still one of a famous landmark of Macau.